Cured Ham EL POZO Selection 7 kg

Enjoy this ham EL Pozo of 7 kg. The mark "EL POZO" is one of the leading brands in Spain in meat products since 1936. This ham is obtained after a thorough elaboration process. It is made between 0 and 5 ° C, selected and sorted before salting and salted for about 15 days. Then they undergo a drying process for about 9 months and finally they are palletized to get the best ham flavor.

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Does not contain gluten

Format: with leg and without skin

Type of container / casing: paw wrapped in black paper and vitola.


In the raw material: Selection, temperatures, microbiological and bromatological.

During the process: Handling and temperatures.

In finished product: Microbiological and bromatological.



Serrano ham (145%), salt.
Conservative: Potassium nitrate.

Physical-chemical analysis

Humidity: Maximum 50%
Protein: Minimum 30%
Fat: Maximum 20%
Hydroxyproline: Maximum 0. 25%
Phosphates: (P205) PPM: maximum 7500
Sodium nitrite ppm: maximum 50
Sodium nitrate ppm: maximum 250
Sodium chloride: minimum 4% and maximum 5,5%

Microbiological analysis

Aerobios mesof. revivif. U. f. c. / gr: <10,000
Enterobacteria u. f. c. /gr: <50
Or Clostrid. sulfid reduct. U. f. c. /gr: <10
St. aureus u. f. c. /gr: <100
Salmonella u. f. c. /25 gr: ABSENCE
Listeria monocytogenes u. f. c. /gr: <100

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per 100 g (Mean values)
Energy values: 954. 0 kJ
228. 0 kcal
FATS: 12. 0 g
Of which saturated: 4. 6g
PROTEINS: 30. 0 g
SALT: 5. 0 g

Preservation : Keep in a cool, dry, or cool place.

Consume preferably before 365 days.

Sanitary Registration,number : 10. 01672 / MU



10. 01672 / MU




Gluten: Absence, Gluten Free <20 ppm (FACE)
Crustaceans and derivatives: Absence
Eggs and derivatives: Absence
Fish and derivatives: Absence
Peanuts and derivatives: Absence.
Soy and derivatives: Absence.
Milk and dairy products (including lactose): Absence.
Fruits in shell: Absence
Celery and derivatives: Absence
Mustard and derivatives: Absence.
Sesame and derivatives: Absence.
Sulphites: Absence, <10 ppm.