Pack Special Reserve Serrano Ham From La Barrica Between 6. 5 and 7. 0 Kg. And Ham Holder With Wooden With Box And Special Knives

This isan exquisiteSpanish ham from the best mountain pigs reared in the Spanish farms and over 13 months of healing, with a slow and natural cure in the cellar, which make a product with a taste with little salt and delicacy to consume using a fine cut.

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It is ideal for presenting dishes of snack product since the slice is a perfect cap to be eaten with a slice of bread.


Curing least 13 months.
The pack contains:
Ham between 6. 5-7. 0 kg. Approx. Special Reserve Serrano.
Ham holder Wooden with box and Special Knives
Cardboard Box 83x15x35cm