About us

About us

Gourmentum is the ideal destination for the most daring palates, travellers and adventurous who enjoys with the gastronomy.
We are explorers that go to all corners of the world looking for new flavor, fragrances and innovative cooking techniques to share with you. Gourmentum was born to make posible a dream; offer you delicious experiences and recipes inspired by famous chefs with the most innovative international cuisine.
Our gourmet lab is our most valued place, a space with a special flavor which holds all the potential to create recipes. Explore Gourmentum and choose between Let's Shop and Let's Cook. Want to join our community?

Let's Shop

Would you like to cook like Ferrán Adrià? Can you image to make your own beer? We are promoters of the Gastronomy Do it Yourself, a new foodie trend that makes you live the process of making any culinary product. We have the most innovative products so you can surprise even the most demanding palates.

Let's Cook

We want you to easily cook our recipes like if you are in a Michelin Star restaurant. Is the best option to surprise your guests and it’s also the gastronomic solution for an unexpected visit. We help you to bring out the chef you carry inside. Our Gastronomy Kits are the mix of the best cuisine with the most innovative equipment for you to succeed.

But also, we are:

  • Experience: Experiment creating a gin tonic like the best bartender or invite all your friends to try your own beer. In Gourmentum we help you to create experiences to share with whoever you want!
  • Discovery: We want you to discover the new cuisine with delicious and exclusives recipes. We bring you products and flavor that maybe you didn't know they existed. There is a world of flavors to explore in Gourmentun.
  • Inspiration: We inspire you to be the “alma mater” in every gathering and parties. We get you out the chef you don't know (yet) you carry inside. Gourmentum is culinary inspiration.
  • Guidance: We have tested all the recipes of our Gastronomy and DIY Kits, our beers and served the guests with all our original kitchen accessories. We have the best job of the world! So if you need an advice, just call us… We will be pleased to help you!
  • Flavor: From the most spicy chile of the world to gold oil with foil. From the numbing heat of Sichuan pepper to the fruity acidity of raspberry vinegar. We travel all over the world to bring you the most explosive flavor ingredients.
  • Origin: We look very carefully the products with the best producers who share our quality passion. We guarantee that our suppliers has been thoroughly selected from a list of thousands, and not just for their quality but also for their adherence to sustainable practices.
  • Services: We work hard to achieve the best service possible because we enjoy the customer satisfaction. We control the logistic process to guarantee the best threat of our products and to make sure it arrives to his destiny in the best conditions.

Gourmentum Team