Payment methods

In Gourmentum we work to make every purchase unforgettable and to live a unique gastronomic experience.
Therefore, we want everything to be done in total tranquility and without any inconvenience from the beginning, especially when it refers to payment methods.


PayPal securely stores both personal and financial information through an automatic encryption system. This system protects your card and bank details every time you make an online purchase, allowing you to pay without providing confidential financial information. You can perform the payment process in just a few clicks. Paypal makes the payment directly from your card or bank account, while your data is stored in a secure and encrypted on their servers. The payment details will never be shared over the internet. In addition, Paypal have sophisticated fraud detection software, which monitors transactions 24 hours a day, seven days a week… So your data will always be protected!
Associate your bank account, debit or credit card to your PayPal account and, once your profile is configured, you can make your purchases. Payment Steps:
Without the need of entering your bank details, you can check it out in a couple of clicks.
For your online payments, you will only need an email and a password.
Thanks to your PayPal account you can choose the method of payment that suits you better: credit/debit card or bank account.


For your convenience, you can make the payment with any of the following commonly accepted credit cards:

MasterCard/ Visa Maestro /Visa Electron
Using our secure payment system, the amount of the invoice will be charged directly to your credit card as soon as the transaction is confirmed. In this way, you can pay with total peace of mind knowing that everything has been taken care of in every detail.



1. Create account

Click on the "Create account" button> Fill in the data> Accept the Privacy Notice> Click on “Create account”. If you wish, you can also create your account with Facebook.

2. Add information to your profile
Once you create your account, you will automatically be redirected to your profile screen. By clicking on "Edit information" you will be able to complete your contact information.

3. Add a Shipping Address
Take the opportunity to include a shipping address by clicking on "Add address”. This way you won’t have to add it at the time of purchase.

4. I like this product ... I want it!
Start surfing the web and enjoy all the products and kits we offer you. To buy it, just select it and use the arrows to add quantities greater than 1. Then click on "I want it!" 

5. Confirm or Continue Shopping ... What do you want?
In the Shopping Cart you can see the products added and the shipping costs (free from purchases over 80€). Do you want to continue shopping? Click on the tab enabled for it and if you want to pay, click on "Continue" to choose the Payment Method.

6. Confirm your info and choose the Payment Method
Check that the shipping information is correct. If you wish, you can add a billing address. How do you want to pay? You can do it through Pay Pal, Bank Transfer or with your debit or credit card. Select one of the possibilities and click on "Buy"

7. You're just one step away!
Check your purchase and click on "Pay" to access the payment platform if you have chosen "Pay Pal" or "Credit / Debit Card". If you have chosen "Bank Wire" we will provide you the bank details in the following screen.

8. Congratulations! Your order has been processed
You can know the details of your order and download the invoice from the section "My Account" by clicking on your email at the top of our website.