Selection of 6 bottles of Spanish wine awarded internationally: Don Aurelio (Crianza, verdejo, syrah and rosé), Viña Valoria Tinto Joven and Lirum Verdejo

Enjoy this fantastic pack of award-winning wines from Spain by Bodegas Navarro López. A perfect selection for good wine lovers. In this selection you will find red, white and rosé wines.

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Great pack of 6 Spanish awarded wines consisting of:

Don Aurelio Crianza red from Valdepeñas 2015.

La mujer elige ORO 2016, MUNDUS VINIS GOLD, TERRAVINO 2016, OR Gilbert & Gaillard

Don Aurelio white Verdejo 2016, D. O. VALDEPEÑAS

Argent Gilbert & Gaillard

Don Aurelio red Syrah 2016, D. O. VALDEPEÑAS

AWC Vienna Silver, OR Gilbert & Gaillard

Don Aurelio tempranillo rosé 2016, D. O. VALDEPEÑAS

OR Gilbert & Gaillard

VIÑA VALORIA young red wine 2016, D. O. Rioja

Argenta Lyon 2016

Lirum White Wine Verdejo 2016 DO Rueda

Argent Lyon 2016


Pack of 6 Spanish winners.